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Pens for Days!

Our cards use luxuriant metallic papers for the liners and envelopes. The effect is stunning. However, you’ll need to be a bit careful about pens on some of our cards, especially the darker colours. “Regular” pens and even typical coloured markers may not be highly visible. For these cards, we highly recommend metallic pens.

The types of pens available in different locations can vary, so it’s a bit difficult to recommend specific pens (that will be available near you), but here’s some pens that we have found to work quite well.

“Thanks so much!” is written with a Metallic Sharpie

“See you soon!” is written with a Y&C Gel Xtreme

“Thinking of you…” is written with a Superfine Posca Glitter

“Congratulations!” is written with a Pilot Juice

“Best of luck!” is written with a Sakura Gelly Roll

“You’re the best!” is written with a Kuretake Metallic Brush

“Keep your chin up!” is written with a Signo Bold

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